dinsdag 20 november 2012

Lenah Maria-Louisa de Wit


Ranging from innocent looking tekeningeskes of young girls to abstract colour panorama's, Lenah Maria-Louisa de Wit has impressed me with her crayons and pastels for a few years now. I met this young talent when applying for the graphic design department at Sint Lucas, after which I decided to take another road after all. Lenah though, chose for the rainbow path which led her to wonderful creations at this notable art school for already 3 years.
I daresay the the significance lies in the fact that all the illustrations represent themselves as if they are little snapshots taken in daily life and put in a colour bath. The skillful decisions or just spontaneous talent to use more lines on certain elements in the drawings create a lot of eye for detail. She creates an eye through which we can see them. Like impressionists, Lenah serves us with imagery representing daily impressions of how she sees them. The dreamy colour pallet which she sometimes switches for pure black and white sketchy drawings is just one of the things that give the images a lovely blurry summer memory feeling. A few questions beneath should serve as a little binocular trying to get closer into the imagination of this young artist.


Colours that trigger you imagination? The colours Perlemour green and salmon pink give me the feeling to dream away. this inspiration is clearly noticable in her work.

Which songs makes you melancholic about summer memories?
That is a difficult question. I wouldn't be able to recall one song without getting melancholic while I'm already thinking about the next one. 'Ne dis rien' from Serge Gainsbourg and Anna Karina definitely reminds me of summer feelings, just as 'Midnight at the oasis' by Maria Muldaur. Personally, wintertimes give me more of those melancholic goosebumps as I am not really a summer person.

Would you like to change ideologies, people or how they look at things?
I would love to, but I fear that even the person with the most beautiful ideas about the world or best intentions is not capable of doing so. I don't mean pure practically. It's because an individual's ideologies could never fit for a whole society or the world. Personally, I'd love to see more naivety though. When my parents were young, this wasn't really possible, though in those times there was at least a certain peace and quietness in the atmosphere which I miss in the world of nowadays.
What is your favourite fabric?
I love to touch flannel. It reminds me of my grandfather's shirts. As a child I loved to were them and touch the fabric all day. Strangely enough, I also like to rub on velvet with my fingers.

Which art form is currently inspiring you the most?

Again, a difficult one. I am inspired by a lot of things, but that doesn't always reflect in my work. I am very inspired by illustrators like Charley Harper for example and the typography of Piet Zwart.
When looking at painting, I am so very fascinated by David Hockney or the contemporary work of Katie Heck. I could go on forever, but as you can see I appreciate independent artists and not entire streams of art.

Name a cartoon hero you were inspired by in your childhood.

The Indiana girl from the Peter Pan movie. I think she was called Lily.
As a child I was convinced of the fact that I would also be like here when I grew up. At that time I was pale as milk and blonder then Blondie, so I had a pretty ambitious future perspective.

What will be the next colour you'll dye your hair in? You seem to have had every possible colour?

Well, I think I shall keep it blonde for the next five years. Otherwise I guess I'll wake up bold one day! Naturally, I am blonde, but after having it dark for six years, I think I shall keep it like this for a while.


zaterdag 10 november 2012

Where the Waves Are

Although she has been a new wave for a little while now, Jessie Ware's grand voice flows the best when streaming music nowadays. When I heard her sing last week, I got immersed in this sun kissed soul atmosphere. The golden necklace she wore only shared the value of her amazing vocals. The warm sounds make you scream for her "Taking in water". And when she did sing, it still felt as if there was wine running through your body, making you want to swing to every note. The easiness with which she sang the high notes made me drown in this warm dreamy atmosphere. It felt like a heatwave in the first days of November and the temperature got even higher when the spots turned glowing red as well. Jessie certainly created one of the wildest moments that night, while singing her songs when London was calling in Amsterdam. Now I reckon the world will be calling for Jessie even more.

source pictures: last.fm